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Vigan Empanada

It is one of the best delicacies of Vigan. Its vegetable filling is a combination of grated papaya, toge or bean sprouts, monggo and finely shredded carrots while the meat filling is composed of a whole egg and skinless Vigan longganisa. The delicacy also reflects Vigan people’s love for vegetables on their menus. So after you tour the city, this is one of the best foods to fill your hungry tummy. This will surely delight your discriminating taste

Vigan Longganisa

Let your taste buds savor the distinct garlic taste of Vigan Longganisa. This small and plump native sausage believed to be influenced by the Mexican salami is good for just about two to three bites. Best way to dip it in Ilocos vinegar with crushed garlic, onions and your desired amount of chili to bring out the delectable flavors.


It is a playful twist of your ordinary shrimp menus. A bite of this deep-fried shrimp fritter will surely entice you to have some more. It is made of flour, egg and shrimp. Patrons enjoy the local delicacy over a regular meal or during snack time. It is made available in affordable prices.


Looking for freshly prepared noodles in the city? Worry no more; Vigan has something to offer on that particular need. Dedicated and passionate folks of the city prepare fresh noodles that will certainly give you a different noodle experience. Savor the warmth of this soupy dish while you enjoy your stay in the city.


For pork chicharon lovers, this can be the sweetest treat for your discriminating taste. Known for its crunchiness, people really enjoy the delectable skin of the food covering the tender meat. These chunks of meat went through the process of boiling, drying, and frying until the skin pops. Mouth-watering indeed. It is worth every bite.


It comes in different variations, Ilocanos are known for their creativity and this dish is no exemption. Dishes like Dinengdeng and Dinoydoy are variations of the well known “PINAKBET”. Most of the time, the ingredients are as follows: melon, eggplant, squash, and okra cooked with bagoong or fermented shrimp and bagnet or sun-dried pork belly.


If you seem to love soupy dish, you must give this a try. Enjoy every sip of this soup. This is made from pork blood, pork tenderloin and green onions extending the taste of the dish. Another must try while you are in the city.


If you love the famous tokwa’t baboy, you will surely love “DINAKDAKAN” too. It has a richer flavor as the pork is boiled together with the other main ingredients such as the liver, tongue and ears. To extend the taste of this dish, poached pork brains are mixed into it. It is seasoned with the Ilocos vinegar and few spices such as chili peppers, onions, ground black pepper and garlic.


Are you a big fan of beef? You must try “SINANGLAW”.  It is another soup dish made of beef innards and skin flavored with bile and kamias. It is a specialty of Vigan that is served in every eatery in the city especially in the morning. 


Known for its special herb ingredient, which can be only found in Vigan, called “al pasotes”. It was used by the old families of the city who made an appreciation to the dish. The "al pasotes" is also known as Epazote or Herba Sancti Maria. Enjoy the cooked chicken and pazotes with ground rice.


If you haven’t tried yet the Ilocano version of rice cake, “KALAMAY”, you should do yourself a favor. It is a rice cake variant made from sugar, rice flour and coconut meat. Give in to your sweet cravings with this local delicacy. 


Looking for a sweet delight for your discriminating taste buds? You will never go wrong with “TINUBONG”. It is a wet mixture of glutinous flour, coconut milk, sugar, strips of young coconut meat, cheese and margarine inserted into the tube. 

Dila - dila

This is not your ordinary rice cake as it has sesame seeds; mixed with baking powder to extend the taste of the delicacy. Dila-dila as famously known in the region is made from glutinous rice, sugar and coconut.


It is a traditional snack food over summer or harvest season at the region. This is made from glutinous rice which is flavored with sugarcane juice, creating a natural sweetness to the delicacy.