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Binatbatan World Custume

The festival got its name from the iluko term batbatin, or separating cotton balls from the seeds of the local fruit tree kapas sanglay. The cutton balls are then spun and used in weaving the abel. which Chinese merchants then residing in Ciudad Fernandina. The Vigan of old, exported and which was among the local products shipped during the galleon trade from the 15th to the 18th century

Binatbatan now became an Ilocano folk dance.




Longganisa Festival

For nearly a decade, Vigan has also hosted loggnaisa festival every January which is being attended by local and foreign visitors. They celebrate the festival with street dancing and other activites that have Vigan longganisa theme. They also choose the festival for launching of projects that help market the native Vigan sausage not only in the Philippines, but abroad as well.